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Will Cardwell

Nestholma Mentors’ Voice, part 1: Will Cardwell. In the coming weeks we’ll showcase mentors that will be active in the Yle Media Startup Accelerator Program. The first mentor is Will Cardwell. Check back soon to see others.

Who are you?

I have been working either as an investor, entrepreneur or CEO in Finnish startup’s since 1996.  I have been lucky enough to work in one way or another with a number of great Finnish entrepreneurs like Jari Ovaskainen at iobox, Risto Siilasmaa of F-Secure, and Pekka Sivonen of Digia, among others. Also with plenty of cases that did not fly.  I am good at helping with customer and investor development, and in general implementing lean methodologies.

Why the Yle Media Startup Accelerator is important?

The media industry is under massive restructuring, offering opportunity and risk to companies big and small.   In order to capitalise, a new open mindset is necessary, and YLE’s Media Startup Accelerator is a great model for this.

What is one important thing for every startup to keep in mind?

Only strong understanding of how to create an extraordinary customer experience will enable startups and big companies alike to thrive.  Get out of the building!


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