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We at Nestholma go straight to the point. You want partnerships with financial institutions. Most fail. We help you make them work.

You need to work with the financial institutions

I’m sure you’ve been to a lot of events and networking sessions. I’m sure you gathered a lot of business cards, and people saying that your business is “interesting”. Or got ideas of what to do with it. You might have even put up a show in front of them, a.k.a. “pitched”.

That’s lots of fun, but that’s not what takes you to the next level.

Time is money. For you to create a valuable partnership, you need more than the pile of business cards. You need to spend time working with your counterpart. You need to learn about their context, so that you can adapt your technology and business model to fit well. You need to make them understand where your value is, and how you can make them better.

That’s why our bootcamps are hands on. You work with the financial institutions, not just flaunt your feathers in front of them. If they’re serious, you end up working with them. And when the answer is “no”, it’s a clear “no”!

You need a system, not one-offs

Growing and accelerating your business is a continuous process. And a global one for fintech startups and the like. It’s not a one-time thing.

The greatest value of any acceleration program, that is, any program that accelerates the development of companies, comes after the program itself. That’s why we offer continuous iterations, in the form of bootcamps. We have financial institutions as corporate partners (that’s part of our secret sauce for you), but you aren’t tied to a specific location.

Our first bootcamp of the Blockchain & Fintech Accelerator will take place on 23.-25. March 2020 in Alicante, and it is powered by Comunitat Valenciana Digital District. After that we organize various bootcamps around the world (Finland, UK, Singapore, etc).

Join our winning attitude

By joining this program, you become part of a very select club, that is:


We have partners worldwide, and we want to introduce you to those partners. Our bootcamps around the world are a road show to meet financial institutions in each location.


We’re experts in helping you do business with financial institutions, with experience from 28 collaboration programs (accelerators, bootcamps, etc.). We take the hassle out of collaboration.


We fit our programs to the needs of our partner financial institutions. You only get invited to a bootcamp if they have shown interest in your value proposition.


Pitching is overrated, you build partnerships by working with people. Our bootcamps are hands-on, you walk out with deals and plans. You and the financial institutions learn from each other, and about each other.

Separate the grain from the straw

Financial institutions face a confusing landscape when scouting startups. Blockchain has become a buzzword, a marketing trick. It’s hard to find the gems through all the smoke.

That’s a problem for blockchain companies. You need to go past that hype, and make them understand.

Bridging that gap is our core business at Nestholma.

That means we’ll ask you questions that no one else dares to ask. We’ll challenge you to become clearer and move faster. We help you eliminate the smoke and focus on your core.

But it takes both sides to collaborate. We also prepare and coach the financial institutions to work with startups and like startups. We clarify long processes, unite and engage various departments into the collaboration and support people in the cultural transformation towards new ways of working.

Financial institutions and startups are two very different worlds. We’ve been in both for a long time. Join our community and take advantage of that experience!

Want to know more? Then click on the link and visit our website to see if your startup is eligible for this program to get funding, as well as to see the level of startups we already have to start, or the success obtained in past editions of this startup acceleration program.