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It’s time for more deals and more pilots! Taviq from our second Nordea accelerator has just signed a pilot agreement with Nordea Private Banking, going live now. And that’s awesome news for Taviq and Nordea, but even better for Nordea’s customers!

Juho Isola on a MoneyFintech panel with Nordea's Ewan MacLeod.

Taviq’s Juho Isola on stage with Nordea’s Chief Digital Officer Ewan MacLeod.

In Private Banking and wealth management, too many clients drop off during the first meeting. That’s because the first meeting is like a cold blind date. Except the customer and the wealth advisor know even less about each other. The first meeting is spent figuring each other out; if the wealth advisor even is the right one to handle their money.

”Does this person understand me and my situation, what I really want? Will s/he push me something I am not ready to do? Will s/he be bold enough?”

Private Banking is one of the most trust-sensitive industries. Customers need to feel sure that the bank and especially the advisor handling their money really understands them. Handling money is far from numbers on the screen, it is about trust and personal connection. And that is why the usual kind of blind first meetings leave a lot to be desired. As a result, a lot of customers drop at this stage.

That was before Taviq.

From first cold meetings to personalized experience

Taviq helps wealth advisors know their customers beforehand and thus improve the customer experience by making it more personal. From blind and cold meetings to personalized service. As a results banks get up to 60% more business!

”Banking is all about trust. When the customer doesn’t feel like the bank understands him or her, he looks for something else. The bank loses the customer and the customer doesn’t get what she or he wants. Our solution changes that,” explains Juho Isola, the CEO, and Co-founder of Taviq.

Juho Isola from Taviq pitching at Nordea Demo Day

Taviq pitching at our Nordea Demo Day.

Taviq has created a web-based questionnaire that helps wealth advisors get to know the customer before their first meeting. It’s simple and easy for the customer to fill, but gives just the kind of information the advisor needs to give personalized service already on the first meeting. The bank gets a happy customer, and the customer gets the kind of service he or she is looking for and nothing less. A win-win.

And now Taviq will help Nordea achieve the same:

“Our collaboration with Nordea started in the Nestholma startup accelerator, and we are excited to continue our work in the pilot. Nordea is committed to serving their customers better and we are excited we can help them do just that,” Juho continues.

All in all, exciting times ahead for Taviq, Nordea and especially for Nordea’s customers!

Want to learn more about how Taviq can improve your customer experience? Read more here or contact Juho at [email protected]

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