Sustainability Statement

We in Nestholma want to promote and choose sustainable ways of doing business and impact positively to the environment. We have committed to a carbon-neutral Nestholma (we announced it publicly last year), reducing our carbon footprint and offsetting the parts we cannot avoid (e.g. travel and electricity consumption).

“Nestholma Group is committed to promoting sustainability. During 2020 this means giving money to parties offsetting carbon. But that is just a start for learning how to make bigger impact.Nestholma finsurtech will actively look for greener investments. And when we learn more about how to combine fintech & green stuff that could be a major part of our investments.“ 

December 2, 2019 Antti Kosunen, Founder of Nestholma 

We challenge our partners, clients and co-workers to act for sustainability too. For ensuring the path towards sustainable world, Nestholma is supporting companies with a sustainability focus, both at Nestholma and as personal investments. We partner with companies focused in environmental sustainability, even when it is not fully aligned with our commercial activities. We are committed to build the new greener ways of doing investments and supporting companies towards a greener future.