Meet Our Startups

Here are selected companies currently in Nestholma's investment portfolio. Nestholma invests into startups that participate in one of our programs.

Automated trading of cryptocurrencies in an easy way, employees can explore investing into cryptocurrencies in an easier way.

Access insurance data from competitors (they care of the legal and technical access and data-cleaning) to cater better to millennials.

Offer mortgages to low-risk first-time buyers, with risk models for the borrower anf the house.

Fairforce is a community of green hearted professionals growing tech companies together.

Automatic and user-friendly tax residency management, in your pocket.

Instant issuance and verification of education certificates on the blockchain.

Transparent freight rate benchmarking for dry and tanker shipping markets, making it an investable asset.

Marketplace connecting people with their ideal investments (aggregator of alternative investment opportunities).

Data recovery app (especially passwords and pin codes) in a distributed way.

Low cost European account with IBAN for Non-European businesses, for invoices, contracts and ERP systems.

Nordea Bank Accelerator, batch 1

Formerly known as Family Finances

Digital financial ecosystem for families and banks to create more conscious finances at home.

OTP Bank Accelerator 2018

Behavioral biometrics authentication security into any web application in minutes.

OTP Bank Accelerator 2018

Helping SME truly make their Cash Flow smart, get insights, and find the hottest opportunities for growth.

Nordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2

Automate the collection process for health debt and optimize it in real-time by with suggested actions for each case.

Nordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2

A community of talent and leading industry partners, created by combining hackathons, an innovation platform and accelerators in a unique manner.

Connect to your customers with a branded, dynamic, and interactive call screen.

Nordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2

Enables insurers to offer highly engaging customer services, cross-selling options, and flexible pricing.

Nordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2

A conversational system that automates your most answered questions, and integrates into existing text based customer care solutions.

Nordea Bank Accelerator, batch 1

Digitising regulatory compliance in the financial advisory process by parsing voice records.

Nordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2

Self-learning platform that saves accountants’ time and money on invoice processing.

OTP Bank Accelerator 2018

Blockchain platform for small and medium agriculture farms and buyers to discover each other.

OTP Bank Accelerator 2018

Banking innovation platform which enables banks to integrate with fintechs in a faster, easier and cheaper way.

Analytics service based on crowd sourced eye tracking, to maximize the real impact of your ads.

Enabling urban planners to turn their static 3D models into playable interactive environments.