Nestholma speeds up collaboration between corporations and startups

We help banks and insurance companies go beyond the hype and get tangible results from startup collaboration. Get innovations faster, learn to work with startups and work more like startups - by working together with startups.

So far, we have done 25+ collaboration programs, tailored to our customers needs, backed up by the Nestholma Collaboration Model.

One size doesn’t fit all - we have programs for different sized and different types of needs, from couple-day seminars for executives and startup bootcamps to 3-month accelerators, all the way up to continuous startup-innovation support. Read more below or book a free consultation.

Our startups and corporates mingle during the Nordea Demo Day
Nordea mentors meeting startups at Nestholma Startup Accelerator Program

More innovations: 4x-8x faster deals with startups

Some banks and insurance companies have difficulties finding the right startups to work with. Other organizations are real startup magnets, but only manage to do business with a few of them.

Those are all things we can help with. We know startups, we know banks and insurers. And we know how to make collaboration that leads to real results happen between the two.

On average, our customers get deals done with startups 4x-8x faster than the industry standard.

Startup-ready: a more startup-like organization

It is clear that startups and corporations are very different. But seeing it in practice still seems to surprise both the startups and the bank and insurance companies. There is a lot to learn on how to work with startups effectively. And even better: there is also a lot to learn from working with startups.

Our programs help banks & insurance companies where they need it. We can help your employees become more startup-ready, and we can help your organization become more startup-like and have more intrapreneurs inside.

Nestholma whitepaper about collaborating with startups

Download the Nestholma whitepaper

Corporations need to renew themselves, and one of the best ways to do that is by working with startups. This white paper explores the benefits on branding, innovation and learning. It also reviews alternatives and best practices on collaboration.

Our model enhances your startup activities (or let’s start them together)

Our focus is on collaboration; helping the startups and the financial institutions work with each other, to get them beyond hype and to real results. Innovations & learnings, together.


Club membership

Different building blocks that you can fit into your current startup activities

We find startups specifically for your business challenges

We share best practices among banks in our network

You get access to the startups that participate in our programs



Maximize the impact on innovation, organizational learning, and branding

Our proven model boosts your organization by working with startups

We bring a batch of 10-15 carefully selected startups into your organization for 3 months to define and test the collaboration

We facilitate so that the program is focused on real business and not 'startup buzz'

Selection bootcamp

Selection bootcamp

Standalone or part of an accelerator. Find the best startups. Scouting online (applications and meetings) and a bootcamp to help your executives understand where the startup adds value

Collaboration bootcamps

Collaboration bootcamps

Standalone or part of an accelerator. 2 bootcamps for your program (accelerator, incubator...), improve the value of your partnerships with the startups

Implementation bootcamp

Implementation bootcamp

Standalone or part of an accelerator. Add to your program (accelerator, incubator...) a final week boost (including Demo Day) to plan your implementation better

Startup readiness assessment

Startup readiness assessment

Standalone or part of an accelerator. Prepare your organization with best practices and suggested actions, become more entrepreneuria and entrepreneur-friendly

Intrapreneurship training

Cultural transformation

Standalone or part of an accelerator. Help your employees be more entrepreneurial (work like startups and work better with startups) with our coaching

Corporate Venture

Nestholma Corporate Venture

Global early stage investment

We set up a structure to invest in startups that are of strategic interest to you

Get the innovations, stay ahead and get good returns (double the industry average) while doing it

Startup Collaboration as a Service (SCaaS)

Startup Collaboration as a Service

Innovation the whole year around. Have you outgrown programs?

A whole year process: bootcamps, events, HR programs etc. Reach out to hundreds of startups, assess only the best, transform your organization

Our collaboration model complements the work banks and insurance companies’ already do with startups. We are happy to work together with your startup teams and also other accelerators.

If you are just starting out, we are happy to be there to support.

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