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About Nordea Startup Accelerator powered by Nestholma

Nordea startup accelerator was a Nordic intensive three-month program designed to grow the startups' business further, and to collaborate with Nordea, key player in the Nordics. Nordea and Nestholma hae run the accelerator together in Helsinki and in Stockholm, and Nestholma supported Nordea and the startups to define the collaboration, to learn and find new business opportunities. Nestholma also continues to introduce our startups to other banks in our network.

Nordea is one of the largest financial institutions in the Nordic countrires.

Demo Day pitches

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Batch 2 - 12.9.2016-2.12.2016
Batch 1 - 16.11.2015-19.2.2016

Working premises at Nordea offices in Helsinki (Finland) and Nordea Stockholm (Sweden)


  1. Emerging Technologies: Thorough understanding of new technologies and their potential can provide inspiration and ideas for better customer services. How can Nordea serve our customers better by using emerging technologies, such as cognitive computing, artificial intelligence and Blockchain to build new services?
  2. Digital life and Pension: For most people life insurance and pension is hard to understand and simply boring. Many would rather go to the dentist than think about what happens if they get sick, die or when they retire. Especially younger customers have no positive relation to their pension company. How can we change this? What does the future of life insurance and pension look like? How can we use technology to make life insurance more relevant and easier to understand?
  3. Banks role in sharing economy: More and more people have started to share cars, homes and durable goods instead of owning everything. Sharing instead of owning is often being considered to be both good for the environment and personal finances. Banks are good at handling customer relations, risks, guiding customers and analysing huge amounts of data. How can banks turn these capabilities into new services for sharing networks, for example, by providing new ways to finance houses, identifying partners or helping to exchange money in a trusted manner? Where can banks provide value in sharing networks?
  4. Enabling rapid transactions in collaboration economy: Partnerships and collaboration are an important part of every business and every consumer’s life today. There should be easy and fast ways to establish trusted partnerships even if these relationships only last for a short time. Today many new opportunities are not realized, because forming a trusted relationship is not fast or easy enough. There is no time for heavy due diligence process or other traditional ways to make sure you can trust the other company or person. What can banks do to enable better ways of building trusted partnerships and rapid transactions in collaborative ecosystems? This may be between companies, companies and consumers or even between consumers. How should banks offer, for example, their extensive network, market insight, authentication or compliance information to businesses and individuals?
  5. Compliance and changes in regulation: Customers should always get the best services for them. Sometimes there may be many different service providers, but it still should be easy without sacrificing high level of trust and security. New legislation, compliance demand and regulation are pushing banks to provide better services for customers and prevent fraud: take a look, for example, at Payment Service Directive 2 (PSD2) and Know your customer due diligence (KYC). How can banks turn these administrative demands into real benefits and value for the customers?
  6. Surprise us: If you have an idea that makes our customers life better or easier, please share it with us. It might be exactly what we don’t know our customers would appreciate – go ahead and surprise us!


"This is one of the best platforms for enterprises and startups."

Collectly (Nestholma startup),

"We’ve learned how to build our product, marketing & how to access the investor community. We also got into the amazing network at Nordea."

Zash (Nestholma startup),

"It was a massive eyeopener, more than I ever even expected."

Smartcalling (Nestholma startup),

"I would recommend it to anyone, especially those who need a major partner in the banking industry"

Asteria (Nestholma startup),

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