Nestholma startup investment portfolio

Here are selected companies currently in Nestholma's investment portfolio. Nestholma invests into startups that participate in one of our programs.


Fully digital experience to manage insurances, that helps you launch products faster (and cheaper).

Keystroke DNA

Behavioral biometrics authentication security into any web application in minutes. keystrokedna.comOTP Bank Accelerator 2018


Asteria is a new and easy way to truly understand your Cash Flow and make it Smart. Find your hottest opportunities for growth, get better insight and reduce administration. asteriainc.seNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2


Collectly is AI-powered engine that automates the collection process for health debt and optimizes it in real-time by suggesting the most appropriate next action for each case. collectly.coNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2


Ultrahack combines hackathons, an innovation platform and accelerators in a unique manner. Our mission is to build a community where the best talent and leading industry partners could meet and collaborate towards future innovations.


A phone call to your customers may be an important touch point. Connecting to them with a branded, dynamic, and interactive call screen can change their call experience and help save connection costs. Bank Accelerator, batch 2


Fjuul is a fitness app that turns everyday activities into exercise and rewards you with discounts, for instance for insurance premiums. It enables insurers to offer highly engaging customer services, cross-selling options, and flexible pricing. fjuul.comNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2


Customer care experts waste time answering cases that don’t bring revenue. Jenny is a conversational system that integrates into existing text based customer care solution. We teach the machine with existing chat logs, automating up to 80% of all the incoming questions. Cruise control for customer care. getjenny.comNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 1


Voxo digitises regulatory compliance in the financial advisory process. By parsing voice recordings into searchable and analysable digital records, Voxo delivers transparent and easily accessible documentation while lifting the heavy administrative burden off advisors.voxo.aiNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2


Self-learning platform that saves accountants’ time and money on invoice processing.
Process 150 to 200 invoices per hour!scanye.plOTP Bank Accelerator 2018


Kuan Inc. is a cross border payment platform backed by blockchain technology for businesses receiving recurring and large overseas payment within 2 working days. kuaninc.comNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2

Family Finances

Digital financial ecosystem for families and banks integrating payment services, savings, PFM, and EduTech functions to create more conscious finances at home. familyfinances.huOTP Bank Accelerator 2018

B2B Pay

Exporting to Europe? Collect payment in 34 European countries for free from anywhere in the world! We provide a low cost "European payment account" for Non-European businesses. The payment account comes with an individual IBAN for easy integration into your invoices, contracts and ERP system. b2bpay.coNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 1

Alo Agri

Blockchain network for Agriculture. It will give a platform for small and medium agriculture farms, food and beverage businesses to discover, build trust and transact with each others. aloagri.comOTP Bank Accelerator 2018


Banking innovation platform which enables banks to integrate with fintechs in a faster, easier and cheaper way.


Online real estate valuation platform used to calculate market price of real estates and compare neighborhoods in terms of quality of living. prais.skOTP Bank Accelerator 2018


Like Google Analytics for physical outlets. A B2B SaaS cloud platform for consumer tracking and data visualisation using CCTV cameras and face recognition. trackometrix.comOTP Bank Accelerator 2018


Zash helps retailers lower operational costs and increase sales revenues, by digitizing the interactions and transactions with their customers! Its a Cloud based Point of Sale service, that consolidates all IT services that a retailer needs into one platform. getzash.comNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 2


NurtUp helps people to learn and develop by playing face to face games with others. We connect people and venues to create long lasting communities. Develop with others. nurtup.comNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 1


RealSource is a transaction portal for Commercial Real Estate. It makes it easy for property investors to find and assess investment opportunities and provides property sellers with the tools needed to reach the potential buyers and proceed in the sales process efficiently. Your source for Commercial Real Estate. realsource.euNordea Bank Accelerator, batch 1


Playsign enables urban planners to turn their static 3D -models into playable interactive environments. End-users can take part to the planning process by visiting the designs online and testing out various tasks virtually. This way designers gain insight and useful feedback concerning the functionality of future spaces.
Co-design by


Scandicode makes an automated screening tool for driving health examination. Currently used methods are not standardised or precise. Scandicode measures all the necessary abilities for driving, while saving valuable healthcare


[valinta] Music Streaming Plugin for Mobile Developers. Supply nearly unlimited music as in-game soundtrack. Play your gamers playlists in your game or app. And gain a new revenue stream. [valinta] is powered by Zemeho – a team of innovative youth and professionals.Your game, your


Neonto's Neonto Studio is a visual app development tool for creative professionals. With the help of our product, designers, content owners and other creative professionals can easily turn their content and ideas into fully native mobile apps. The apps generated by Neonto Studio are 100% native and extensible iOS and Android apps, enabling truly unique and uncompromised UX across multiple mobile devices.


Viima makes feedback collection social, visual and fun! By using our software, companies get an instant overview on the most important customer needs.


Viomba is an analytics service that provides accurate and detailed information about website visitors’ attention, based on data collected from crowd sourced eye tracking. With Viomba, customers can optimize their website to meet their business goals and increase the satisfaction of their users (eg. increase sales, improve ad visibility, increase usability or bring more visitors).

Nestholma may also invests on behalf of its partners to select startups as part of the program's collaboration.

Interested in investing?

For opportunities to invest into the Nestholma portfolio startups, please contact Antti Kosunen at [email protected]