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Some of the most exciting times of my work are the accelerator periods. It is thrilling to work with the great minds in startups and the partner bank. So much happens every week and I am always amazed when looking back at what really went on. The accelerators are real adventures!

And as we work with early-stage startups the accelerators don’t only show a glimpse into the newest new of the industry, but the future of the industry! If that doesn’t excite you, I don’t know what will. Did I already say accelerators are my favorite time…?

And now it’s time for the next adventure: the Selection Bootcamp of our OTP Bank accelerator just started today! And that means we have the next exciting accelerator adventure ahead of us. But before that, it is time to get to know the finalists and find the startups that best match our partner the OTP Bank.

29 fintech startups from all over the world!

After a rigorous selection process, we have now an amazing group of 29 startups from all over the world with us at the Selection Bootcamp. Literally all over the world. From the United States, India, Sweden, Hungary, Nigeria, Australia, Israel… altogether from 15 different countries! Innovations really are global!

If the home countries of the startups are vast so is the range of innovations:

They have solutions to safety. Fraud prevention for agriculture. Biometrics authentication for online logins. Safety against theft for physical stores. There are new ways of dealing with mortgages and buying homes. For transportation. New solutions to making huge amounts of data digestible and useful for your every-day people. Solutions changing the way we do online shopping. Startups changing how we do loans: Instant credit assessment. Credit decisions based on online reputation. P2P lending. And innovations that help make kids finance-savvy – finally!

And that’s just a quick look at the startups at the Selection Bootcamp! This week will really be a time travel into the future!

During the next couple of days, we will test the startups, really get to know them. But the startups will also test us. We will have workshops on validating, developing products, MVPs, and much more – a real sneak peek into the accelerator. It is going to be an intense week with a packed schedule. But we are excited, and we hope the startups are as excited too!  

So, startups: let’s get to know each other, challenge each other and learn together as much as we can this week!

For the rest of you: keep your eyes peeled for more updates on these awesome startups this week!


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