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At Nestholma we believe in proximity. Employees of financial institutions and entrepreneurs need to stay close to learn from each other. We need to be there as well, to make sure collaboration happens productively.

But…  fintech startups are born global. Fintech startups are not bound by national borders. They need to look past the few big players in their country and build a network of international connection early on.

Tough combination, right?

It seems like we must be everywhere at once. And even worse: financial institutions are expected to keep up with everything that’s going on!

In order to be closer to the financial and fintech ecosystems in Southern Europe and Latin America, we’ve decided to open an office in Spain. It will be part of Distrito Digital, a program by the Government of Comunidad Valenciana region in Spain. And we’ll work hard and make sure that there’s plenty of productive fintech activity for both sides!

Nestholma office in Alicante, Spain

Our new office in Alicante, Spain. Come visit us!

Way beyond hanging out and talking about what “could be”! We want to become a catalyser for startup collaboration here as well.

We want to get to know more people from the fintech ecosystem in Spain

That means that we’ll be looking very closely at Spanish startups, financial institutions, and ecosystem players in the space. If you are such a person (or connected to one), and regardless of where you are, please get in touch with Daniel, our CEO, to have a first discussion.

And don’t worry: we’ll also be close to those of you in the Nordics. We’ll of course stay active in Finland, and we will always be present where our partners are. Remember, we believe in proximity.

And as a showcase of this, let us welcome you home, in a new country.

Let’s make collaboration together!