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Telling the future is difficult. And even more in banking right now, with so many innovations happening. New fintech startups (like you?) claim to disrupt the industry every day. By collaborating with a big bank you can improve your chances of success. And that makes those banks more ready for the future. But in which areas can we make the biggest changes?

For our upcoming program with OTP Bank, we’ve taken a shot at defining the key areas of banking that need new innovations. If your startup can improve the lives of OTP Bank employees or customers in these areas, you are just what we are looking for!


Banking for the family

With the rise of fintech startups, we have seen banking touch many other areas of our lives. Families are one of the most important units in society. So fintech should transform the way we deal with finance in the family unit!

For example, technology can play a huge role in the financial education of kids. And nobody doubts the importance of financial education. We can make sure that the kids of the future as a whole know how to handle money better than we do. Tweet this

OTP Bank has a strong vision when it comes to this area. They want to work with startups to improve their offering in this area. Do you have the next big thing for banking for the whole family? Then this is your opportunity!

Banking for the family - do you have the next big innovation?


Data in banking

Data is everywhere. And that’s what fintech is about. Clever use of data is what makes most fintech startups successful. Tweet this

OTP Group includes a wider range of services than usual for a bank. That means that they have access to a breadth of data. And they are open to using that data to deliver better service to their customers.

Do you have some clever application to brings new useful data for OTP Bank?Some smart way of using OTP Bank’s existing data for the better of their customers? Or some other creative way of making business through data with OTP Bank? If you said yes in any of those questions, then this one is for you!


Automation of personal activities

We live in the age of digitalization and automation. And still, there are many tedious tasks that we need to do every day. For example, many people still handle household documents by hand. Where are the robots, to rid us from those tasks? Tweet this

OTP Group connects many different types of customers. And they want to support their day-to-day activities the best way possible. That’s why they’re looking for startups that make their workflows more efficient. From better car-sharing to better mortgage evaluation.

If you can make it more efficient for the bank’s customers, you are just what we are looking for!


Making customers day-to-day lives



It’s no surprise that OTP Bank is a big organization. And as such, their ways of working are key to their success. Collaboration between departments or sections can sometimes make it or break it.

And the challenge doesn’t stop there. As such a big group, there are many partnerships to manage. Communicating and coordinating with those partners can also be a challenge! Tweet this

Does your startup help teams, departments or partners collaborate better? Then we want to work with you!


Technology-driven change

One of the main drivers for fintech has been technological advances. Digitalization and mobile themselves are a starting point. But we also have recent hypes. The internet of things, virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence… you name it!

Sometimes innovation comes from technology opening a new opportunity. And it looks like we live in the times for that. Tweet this

Have you spotted such an opportunity? Do you think it can make the banking on real estate markets better? Can it deliver a better customer experience, online or in the branches? Or make the whole process more efficient? In that case, we want to hear from you!


Is your technology going to change banking? Make the lives of SMEs better?


SME administration

OTP Group has a strong focus on SME’s. In particular, one of OTP Bank’s subsidiaries is OTP eBiz. They are the mobile financial assistant for SMEs. Oh, and they work like a startup themselves!

And if you’re working in that space, it’s your lucky day. They’re keen on getting partners to collaborate! The focus is to make the life of SME’s easier. SME’s should be able to concentrate on their core business. Let’s make the rest of the tasks easier and more efficient for them. Tweet this

If you have a great tool to make the day-to-day of SME’s easier, this is your chance!


Surprise us!

Do you have an awesome idea where we could cooperate? We know we can’t put every idea in one of the boxes above. Tweet this. Especially because your idea might be very out-of-the-box (pun intended)! But OTP Bank is open to working with very different companies!

If you’re working the next big thing, and you can work together with OTP Bank to make it a reality, don’t hesitate! Read more here, and apply now to OTP Bank startup accelerator: