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Press release December 5, 2014

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Jari Pasanen joins Nestholma as a partner

Jari Pasanen has been invited to join Nestholma Oy as a partner starting January 1, 2015. Nestholma is a startup accelerator that offers large companies and startups a new way to do cooperation.

Nestholma’s three month accelerator program offers established companies a clear, fast and efficient model for venture and innovation activities. The program enables them to work with startup companies and guide them towards mutually beneficial strategic goals. For startups the cooperation offers a unique opportunity to learn and partner with an established company in the same field.

Nestholma offers startups seed funding, connections to customers and investors in addition to daily support and tools for building customer-driven businesses.

“We are excited to welcome Jari Pasanen to Nestholma’s operative team, because he brings us such strong international business and technology understanding and expertise. Based on his background, Jari has also unique insights into the innovation processes within large corporations as well as the daily challenges at growth companies” says Nestholma’s managing director Topi Järvinen.

Jari Pasanen has a long and extensive experience in top level management and leadership positions at, for example, Nokia and Sitra. He has also been a board member in a number of publicly listed corporations and growth companies. Jari has served as an advisor to different kinds of companies from early stage startups to large private equity funds. Jari Pasanen is also an investor.


More information

Topi Järvinen
Managing director
Nestholma Accelerator
tel. +358 40 754 3131
topi (at)

Antti Kosunen
Nestholma Accelerator
tel. +358 400 850 200
antti (at)

Jari Pasanen
Partner, investor
tel. +35850 5500 895
jari (at)


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