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Learnings from 25+ collaboration programs (and counting) in 9 countries & hundreds of discussions with banks.

With over 25 successful collaboration programs, we’ve learned that there are many reasons why banks and other corporations want to work with startups. And we’ve learned the countless ways you can successfully formulate a collaboration. The tricky part is finding the right startups for your organization. This is why we’ve put together this whitepaper. 

The Nestholma Whitepaper is for you to discover:

What will you learn from the whitepaper?

Benefits of working with startups

Working with startups can be ‘cool’, but that shouldn’t be the main reason to do it. Learn the real benefits you can get from startup collaborations in:

Best collaboration method for YOUR organization

Sponsoring events, hackathons, accelerators, join ventures, investments.

There are many ways to work with startups; this whitepaper helps you find the right one for you!

Best practices in collaborating with startups

We put together our experience from our 25+ collaboration programs AND our partners’ experiences to give you our best tips on successful collaboration.

The Nestholma whitepaper provides a very comprehensive model on why (and how) all corporations need to work with startups nowadays.

– a bank employee from the innovation department

Nestholma exceeded expectations in every aspect. Looking forward to big things together.

– startup from one of Nestholma’s programs

About the author

Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz, CEO of Nestholma, engages startups and corporations to collaborate. He has coached and trained thousands of people, in over a dozen countries, in five continents.

He is a former Associate Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València, where he spent 10 years of his career.  

He has also he has conducted research in ecoinnovation, sustainability and creativity, and lectured at different universities around the world.

Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz

About Nestholma

Nestholma helps banks, insurance companies and other corporations to go beyond the hype and get tangible results from startup collaboration. Get innovations faster, learn to work with startups and work more like startups – by working together with startups.

They have organized 25+ collaboration programs for partners such as OTP Bank, TEB, Nordea Bank, Nokia, Microsoft, EIT Digital, F-Secure, British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Elisa, Yle, etc. in 9 countries and counting.

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