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Apply to OTP's startup accelerator

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Grow your business and become part of future banking!

OTP Bank startup accelerator is an intensive three-month program designed to grow your business. You will get to collaborate with OTP, key player in Eastern Europe. This is a unique opportunity to refine your idea or product, pursue new business opportunities and grow your network. The aim is to make your startup fundable and ready for international opportunities.

OTP Bank runs the program together with Nestholma Renewal Accelerator. We help you collaborate with large corporations, to learn and find new business opportunities. You'll also get lots of practical coaching on, for example, sales, marketing or how to collaborate with with investors. You will develop a product that customers care about, and a business that interests investors. Apply now and take advantage of Nestholma’s Lean Startup-driven venture accelerator model.

We also introduce our startups to other banks in our network. That means being selected doesn’t open the doors just to OTP Bank but to banks from all over the world with altogether over 100 million customers..


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Main areas or themes we are interested in

Is your startup the next big thing in fintech? Here's some topics that we're particularly keen on seeing:

  1. Banking for the family: services for the whole family and financial education.
  2. Data in banking: better ways of acquiring data or capitalizing the data that OTP has, to make better decisions.
  3. Automation: ways of optimizing your personal workflows. Examples are households' document handling, car-sharing, or mortgage evaluation.
  4. Collaboration: better mechanisms for collaborating and interacting, inside OTP and with other partners.
  5. Technology driven change: uses of technologies such as mobile, IoT or VR in banking or real estate.
  6. SME administration: tools to make the day-to-day of SMEs easier.
  7. Surprise us: we are open to your ideas, if it can help make OTP better.

Program offering to startups

  • Business insight and guidance from key decision makers from OTP who are interested in innovative solutions
  • Potential market access through pilots and OTP’s comprehensive range of different customers and data
  • Mentoring from experienced entrepreneurs and FinTech experts
  • Sparring and global perspective from a key player in their industry
  • Up to 1 million € investments from Nestholma and other partners
  • Post-accelerator network

Program schedule

The accelerator model consists of three phases (Learn, Do, Pitch). During the program startups will get help in, for example, building products and services that customers actually care about and in preparing the company for growth and international opportunities. The aim is get the startup ready for additional funding by the end of the program.


Onsite workshops will be tailored to fit the participants maturity level. Also, industry-specific topics will be covered, as needed. During the program, there will also be guests (workshops, lectures etc.) from other startups, partner companies, etc.

Every startup has at least one mentor from OTP. Startups are also engaged to provide peer2peer mentoring through-out the program. During the program, there will also be many guests (workshops, lectures etc.) from other startups, partner companies, industry experts etc.

About us

OTP Group is one of the largest independent financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe. They have a presence in 9 East European countries (including dominating position in Hungary).

The Global Fintech Accelerator is a multi-site program. Banks around the world working together to collaborate with startups beyond their regions. For startups: you take part in one accelerator, you do business with several banks.

Nestholma engages corporations and startups to collaborate. We run on-site accelerators for new products and learnings. You can check out some videos where the startups talk about the benefits and experience of the Nestholma accelerator. Be also sure to watch a few pitches by the startups at our latest Demo Day.