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Best fintech startups from around the world

Global Fintech Accelerator started with the first partners

We are proud to annouce our new partners Yes Bank and OTP. See the newsletter for more information

Application period for YES Bank and OTP Bank have already started. More partners to be announced soon.

You can join Global Fintech Accelerator at any time. So if your bank wants to get access to best fintech innovations in the world please give us a call or email us.

Global access to the best Fintech innovations while making the entire bank more agile

Finance will be the most disrupted industry in the next 10 years. It’s impossible to know what is needed to succeed in the future.

Global Fintech Accelerator offers the banks access to startups beyond their own market and position. It is a multi-site program run in collaboration with non-competing banks around the world. Hands-on collaboration model enables all relevant key employees to learn agile working methods and new ways of working - well beyond the startup program itself.

Hands-on collaboration and learning with the best startups around the world

  • Build new business opportunites fast with startup entrepreneurs
  • Find the best startups around the world beyond your own market space
  • Empower the entire oranization to learn to be more agile working and ready to tackle future opportunities
  • Engage with all kinds of startups and ideas that may be relevant for banks in the future - including insurtech and beyond

See it yourself

Check out some videos where the startups talk about the benefits and experience of the Nestholma accelerator. Be also sure to watch a few pitches by the startups at our latest Demo Day

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Global or Local Fintech Accelerator? YES.

startup cash flow management

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We have done 19 accelerators mainly for global companies. 1-3 locations at the time. Being inside the corporations’ offices with startups. It’s a must. That’s the best way to deliver co-developed innovations for banks and bank customers.
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Why are big corporations so bad at innovating?

startup cash flow management

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Big corporations are clusters of amazingly smart people. They have resources, vast experience and deep knowledge of the industry. Be it banking, technology or pretty much any industry, the corporations are the rulers of the industry.
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Nestholma Global Fintech Accelerator