What if you could turn restructuring into new business opportunities

Millions of people are losing their jobs as a consequence of Covid 19.

But crisis can also be a new opportunity for those who know how to approach it.

"We at Nestholma want to challenge the leaders of HR departments, governments, outplacement companies and any other organizations that contribute into social responsibility to rethink the support that we can provide for the massive talent pool of unemployed people. 
Let's support people towards new beginnings as entrepreneurs and build the future innovations together." 
Virpi Jalonen, CEO of Nestholma

We bring our expertise from 29 startup accelerators combined with ecosystem, partnerships and career coaching - what will you bring?

Turning Restructuring Into

New Business Opportunity

One of the most challenging areas in human resources is delivering the bad message when you need to let your employees go. Most companies offer career and outplacement support but how about those employees who would like to spread their entrepreneurial wings and start their own business?

Wouldn't it be wonderful to combine new innovations with corporate responsibility by offering an internal entrepreneurship accelerator? Nokia and Microsoft thought so - you can read more from the testimonials.

During this journey, we will give a

comprehensive support to accelerate new business and support through these challenging times together towards new innovations!

  1. 1
    Week 1
    Modern lean Entrepreneurship
  2. 2
    Week 2
    Building the product and company
  3. 3
    Week 3
    Selling the solution for the customer need
  4. 4
    Week 4
    Starting something new!

Customer stories

"biggest influencer"

"This course has been biggest influencer for me ever. Thank you Nestholma for very big influence correct mindset and working methods samples."

"significantly better"

"Compare to ******'s course, this was significantly better. You get immediate feedback and learn thing that actually are useful in real life - whether you're an entrepreneur or not."

"straight forward"

"Straight forward, no bullsh*t attitude, leaving the decision to us but giving us the necessary tools and advices."