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Topi Järvinen

Nestholma Mentors’ Voice, part 4: Topi Järvinen. In the coming weeks we’ll showcase mentors that will be active in the Yle Media Startup Accelerator Program. We’ve already featured Will Cardwell, Antti Kosunen and Pentti Mansukoski. Check back soon to see others.

Who are you?

I’m a product guy. I’ve done tens of products and services in many different types of companies (multinational telco, digital agency, startup). My strength is in combining technology and business understanding and passion for learning everyday about how to do thing better. I’ll focus quite a bit on helping the startups to make sure their product solves an important problem that the customers are willing to pay for.

Why the Yle Media Startup Accelerator is important?

Nestholma’s accelerator program with Yle and Elisa is a great way startups to learn from two important companies. They will have a unique opportunity to meet and connect with the experts and decision-makers that want to help the startups. They’ll also get daily help and tools for making their idea and product ready for international growth

What is one important thing for every startup to keep in mind?

Your goal should always be to something that someone is willing to pay for. Don’t be afraid to be wrong or adjust your thinking based on customer feedback. Very few people make money by being visionaries without listening the customers.

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