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Is your startup going to be the next big thing in fintech? Do you have the AI, blockchain or cryptocurrency solution of the future? Or other innovation that is going to change how we do banking? And most importantly, do you want to collaborate with top banks from all over the world?

We are looking for the top fintech startups to work with top banks with over 100 million customers.

Make us love you and will make the banks love you more

Convince us you are what banks need, and you will be part of the selected top startups we introduce to these banks. Introduce, help collaborate, help succeeded in any way that is needed. Because that’s what we do. We help banks find the best startups. We help startups get the deals done with banks. And if you are one of those startups, we will make sure you are working with those top banks.

The best startups will also get a fast track to the OTP Bank Startup Accelerator. You can start your journey by collaborating with a bank with 14,5 million customers, presence in 9 countries, and leading position in their home market.

The road from application to working with the top banks:Apply at F6S, do a virtual pitch and get selected. Simple as that!

Why should a fintech startup work with Nestholma?

We are working with banks globally. They need you.

They are actively looking to work with startups. We know what they are looking for. And we know whose door to knock. We introduce the best startups to tens of banks every year.

We also introduce our best fintechs to investors.

We run onsite accelerators inside banks’ premises, but we also have promised to introduce them startups. Sometimes relationships are really tight, sometimes we just open the door. And what really matters is that our bank partners have over 100 million customers. If you want to reach them, work with us.

Send us your application latest by February 4th. But be fast: we have only 3 spots available and we will start filling those already during the application time!

We will announce the winners on February 9, so stay tuned!