Too many collaborations between financial instistutions and startups fail

Get the best tips and tricks on how to build successful collaboration:
success from the first contact to well beyond the pilot.

6-episode course:
How to build successful collaboration with fintech startups 

Go through the whole journey from the first contact to life after the pilot with our experts from banks, insurance companies and fintech startups, including AXA, BNP Paribas, OTP Bank and many more!


Stop wasting your time on fruitless collaboration

What you need to know to build successful long-term collaborations from the the beginning.


Learn from experts from both sides of fintech collaboration

Get the learnings from 6 banks, insurance companies and other corporations and 11 rising fintech startups.


Speed up your deals

Making deals with startups in the financial industry takes a long time, years even. Learn how to do it all faster AND get better results.

Episode list:

Episode 1: First contact & finding the right match

Episode 2: Defining the scope: What happens and doesn’t happen in collaboration

Episode 3: Building the relationship: trust, conflicts & value

Episode 4: Measuring benefits: making the value tangible

Episode 5: Piloting the right way: What makes a successful pilot

Episode 6: Life after the pilot: Building long-term relationships

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