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It has been a hard to keep our lips zipped with all these exciting news, but now we can finally give the first peek into the Global Fintech Accelerator – the first ever fintech accelerator done on such a global stage! We couldn’t be more excited to introduce new bank partners in the program.


Yes Bank

Fintech experts have been calling China the hottest place for fintech for a while now, but now they are turning their attention towards India. And not without a reason!

India is a huge market. Just the sheer size of the country itself is humongous with 1,3 billion people and counting. And while the size of the country and its market are impressive, their fintech adoption rate is even more so. It is the top of the world with 52%, only second to China and far ahead of Europe (source). The market has very different conditions than the traditional western countries and they lack many of the legacy systems and old innovation-stifling regulations many banks and countries in the West have. No wonder India is hotter than hot in fintech!

That’s why for an accelerator focused in fintech, partnering with one of the strongest players in Indian banking scene Yes Bank could not be better news!

Yes Bank is the fifth biggest bank in the enormous market of India, they are highly awarded and even have a massive following in their social media channels (They are for example, the most followed bank in the world in Twitter). If India is hot in fintech, Yes Bank is even hotter! We can’t think of a better partner for startups than the Yes Bank Accelerator to take over the Indian market.

Our next partner comes from an equally interesting marketplace: Eastern Europe. China has had the fintech innovation crown for a bit now and India seems to be taking over. But is Eastern Europe the next hotter than hot market for fintech?


OTP Bank

Eastern Europe has been able to fly under a radar for a while. But that won’t be so for long, especially when banking and fintech are in question. GDP of East European countries is growing nicely, in fact, better than nicely when compared to other European countries who drag behind. They also have a very interesting opportunity in the banking sector. What China and India have been able to pull off in fintech doesn’t seem too much of a fairytale for East Europe either. They do after all have many similarities in the consumer environment, regulations and other key issues that made China and India succeed.

East European consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the possibilities fintech innovations bring, and they will not just passively wait for them. They will demand them and they will demand them from their banks. Consumers still prefer banks over startups to provide their banking solutions, including new innovations. The local startup ecosystems are still just evolving, and there aren’t even that many real competitors for banks to provide such solutions. There is demand for fintech innovations but not much local supply. Game-changing innovations are expected to come from international players.

Overall, there is great potential for fintech startups in Eastern Europe to fill up the gaps in banking and disrupt the existing systems. But due to the strong status of the existing banks, not just any startup can do it. The fintechs need a way in. And that’s why we could not be more proud to partner up with OTP Bank, one of the biggest players in Eastern Europe.

OTP Bank has a presence in 9 East European countries (including dominating position in Hungary). And they are called the leading innovator in their market (more about it here). All in all, for startups there could not be a better partner to work with to conquer Eastern Europe.

At the heart of the Global Fintech Accelerator is, of course, banks working with startups, but also with other banks. The best results are when different kinds of banks with different experiences and knowledge work together. And we are proud to say that is exactly what is happening in Global Fintech Accelerator.


The Nordics

When you think about fintech you can’t help but also think about the Nordics. The Nordics have a flourishing startup environment that is attracting a high proportion of investments in Europe. Stockholm is the second largest fintech hub in Europe, and the whole Nordic fintech market is rapidly growing. The Nordics are also home for ginormous success stories like Klarna and iZettle, which have brought the area high to fintech investors interests.

A big part of the fintech’s success in the Nordics is its markets uniqueness. The Nordic countries are forerunners in many areas of banking. And that has made adopting new fintech innovations much easier for both the companies and the general public.

For example, consumers in the Nordics are avid smartphone users. In fact, smartphone ownership is almost universal, more than 9 out of 10 internet users have one. Nordic countries are also often referred to as cashless societies. Cash is not seen convenient and you can easily live your life without using cash pretty much 100% of the time. The Nordics also have strong electronic banking systems in place, and they have warmly welcomed innovations like e-invoicing. For example, 89% of large and even 59% of small businesses in Finland use it, and the usage is growing fast.

These and many other similar market conditions have made Nordics a very favorable for fintech innovations. Thus the Nordics just had to be a part of our Global Fintech Accelerator.

And we are very happy to have such a close relationship with Nordea, the largest bank in the Nordics.


Nordea has over 10 million personal customers and over half million corporate customers. They are also one of the top 10 largest universal banks in Europe, and have a presence in 16 countries around the world. They are also one of the very few European banks to have an AA- rating. We can’t think of a better bank to work with in the Nordics. Especially as they are already well immersed in the startup world.

We have already done three great accelerators with Nordea and we have had an amazing time working with them. Thus we couldn’t be happier to continue working with them!

These banks from such different areas and market situations will be giving amazing opportunities and insights for both the participating startups and banks. We are expecting to see great innovations, big changes and most importantly: more satisfied banking customers. Stay tuned for amazing results!

If your bank wants to get access to those results, there is still time! We have several models from marketing partnership to full accelerator in the Global Fintech Accelerator. Just contact Antti at [email protected], and let’s find together the best solution for your bank!


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Every company is build by its people. Having a great team with complementing individual talents is crucial for success. This is why I’m thrilled that Daniel Collado-Ruiz has just been invited to join Nestholma’s partner roster.

Nestholma partners

Daniel Collado-Ruiz wears a lot of hats with ease (both figuratively and literally). He has an impressive list of accomplishments as an academic, entrepreneur, business coach and educator. On the academic side Daniel was an Associate Professor at Universitat Politècnica de València in Spain. His specialty was ecoinnovation and creativity. As an entrepreneur, he has founded Nurtup that helps people interact better through games. Both in the academia and business, Daniel has been organising workshops for people and companies to develop in five continents.

Daniel has been already working for Nestholma since last summer. During Nestholma’s Nordea Startup Accelerator his contribution as the project manager, coach and Stockholm site manager was invaluable. Daniel continue to have a key role in running programs, coaching startups and running workshops,

Daniel will be in charge of some of our most important activities. One of Nestholma’s cornerstones is the scalable program model that we’ve been using to run 19 programs around Europe. I’m very pleased to have Daniel running the program model development from now on. The other area is taking care of our international network of mentors. Having a great team is crucial for any business, but having a great network of partners is equally important. And it’s great to have Daniel developing new collaboration opportunities for our mentors and startups.

On a lighter note, Daniel (top left in the picture) also fits our partners’ hairstyle requirements perfectly :-)

Topi Järvinen @topij
Managing partner at Nestholma

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We are excited to welcome Mika Eriksson to our Nestholma family! He has a strong background in entrepreneurship, sales and all things international, and thus couldn’t be better addition to our team.

Mika Eriksson joins NestholmaMika has been an entrepreneur for 18 years and cofounded 4 companies. He also worked almost 8 years at Finpro (Finpro is the national trade, internationalization and investment development organization in Finland), where he helped countless startups and corporation succeed in variety of fields. Both his own companies and his work at Finpro has been very international. At Nestholma he is going put his international knowledge and vast sales experience to good use, as he will be focusing on our international growth.

”Nestholma is doing an amazing job giving big corporations a big gush of innovative air, and at the same time helping startups benefit from the vast knowledge and experience corporations have. Nestholma is also growing internationally fast, which makes joining the team even more exciting”, says Mika.

Look forward to even more global Nestholma!


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During the past couple of years Nestholma has invested into 15 Fintech startups, which is more than any other investor in Finland. The company is also one of the most international investors in Finland. Nestholma has invested in startups from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, USA, Germany, UK and Estonia among others. These startups have participated in the Fintech accelerators Nestholma has organized together with Nordea Bank.

”Fintech is going through big changes. We have a great partner in Nordea, and together we are able to find the startups that have a real potential to succeed in the industry,” says Antti Kosunen, co-founder of Nestholma.

Currently, 35% of Nestholma’s investments have been made into Fintech startups. Fintech will be also a strong focus area in the future in the Nestholma investment portfolio.

More information:
Antti Kosunen
Nestholma Oy
antti (at)
+358 400 850200




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We love Ultrahack! In fact so much that invested into Ultrahack and welcomed it to our Nestholma family! Now we can both offer our partners and communities new ways to innovate through a complementary offering of hackathons and accelerators.

Ultrahack is a global innovation platform for hackers with varying backgrounds and corporations that want to innovate fast. Their active community and tournaments attract an incredible amount of talented people, who are ready to roll up their sleeves. And when these great minds work together in such an unique environment as the tournaments, the results are also amazing!

While solving the challenges the Ultrahack participants, go through an intensive learning curve. While solving real-life problems, they learn and create seeds for new innovations and opportunities. That used to be the end, but now we are excited to offer those budding startups a way to take their work to a whole new level. It is an innovation pipeline like never seen before!

“Ultrahack is the world’s best hackathon! We could not be more excited to get to work with the Ultrahack community and the partner companies,” says Topi Järvinen.

Now that we have joined forces with Ultrahack, we can also offer our customers a new kind of hackathon that complements our accelerator programs. This makes our offering to startups and corporations better than ever. This year we will also offer 1 million euros worth of investments to promising Ultrahack teams. This kind of cooperation is something completely new in the hackathon world! We are excited, and we hope you are too!


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Nestholma startup accelerator program is a free, intensive three-month program in Oulu, Finland run in collaboration with BusinessOulu. This is the second Nestholma batch in Oulu, and it will run in Spring 2016 (14.3.-3.6.). During the program B2B and B2C startups will get a unique opportunity to refine their idea and product with many industry experts, pursue new business opportunities and grow their network. The aim is to make the startup fundable and ready for international opportunities.

Nordea Startup Accelerator

The accelerator takes advantage of Nestholma’s Lean Startup-driven venture accelerator model that has been developed to help startups and large corporations to work together. During the program startups will develop their idea into a product that customers care about and a business opportunity that investors are interested in. Also the aim is help the startups to collaborate with large corporations in order to learn and find new business and partnership opportunities together.

Apply now!

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Nordea is organizing a startup accelerator program in autumn 2015 together with Nestholma. The program will include 10–15 startup companies that will innovate new digital services for customers.

Nordea Startup Accelerator

Nordea startup accelerator program is a free, intensive three-month program in Helsinki, Finland run in collaboration with Nestholma. The program focuses on new, outside the box, innovations for customer experience and touchpoints in digital, value opportunities around payments and as well as ways for achieving your dreams by savings and other means. During the program startups startups get a unique opportunity to work with and learn from Nordea’s experts and executives. We are looking for startups that have an innovative service or technology solution with international growth potential.

Read more in the press release.



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Nestholma joins EIT ICT Labs Trusted Cloud High Impact Initiative to help the SME’s to make a bigger business impact and to support the ecosystem collaboration.

Trusted Cloud HII Acceleration Days in Munich

British Telecom, Telecom Italia, 3D Repo and U-Hopper working together.

EIT ICT Labs Trusted Cloud High Impact Initiative (HII) Acceleration Days gathered six SME’s and three large corporations together in Munich to strengthen the collaboration in building secure European cloud solutions. The event was arranged by Nestholma Venture Accelerator from Finland and Digital Catapult from UK. The aim was to get the small and large companies (British Telecom, Telecom Italia, F-Secure) across Europe to learn from each other and accelerate building the partnerships and customer-driven businesses.

The foundation of the Trusted Cloud Acceleration Days was based on Nestholma’s accelerator model which is based on the idea of helping startups or SME’s and large corporation to efficiently work and build businesses together.

“Privacy and trust are fundamental issues for every business and affect the lives of every consumer daily. We are excited to be able work with the EIT ICT Labs and the companies across Europe to speed-up the development of European Trusted Cloud services with Nestholma’s unique accelerator model” say Nestholma’s CEO Topi Järvinen.

The program included tens of structured one-on-one meetings, Trusted Cloud technology sessions as well as insights and help on building customer-driven secure cloud solutions. Both the SME’s and large corporations felt the Acceleration Days gave them a good foundation for collaboration in the Trusted Cloud High Impact Initiative. Geoff Andersson from one of the SME’s, PixelPin says that

“As a company committed to users privacy and protecting personal data it was great to get so much support from the Acceleration Days in Munich. Operating in the cloud brings many business benefits and getting it right is a must, so we see working with EIT ICT Labs as a vital step forward for us.”

The activity leader, Markku Kutvonen from F-Secure was also pleased with the results.

“The event was short and intensive engagement journey for the SMEs joining the activity, with a lot of business focus delivered by Nestholma and Digital Catapult. I especially liked the matchmaking, where all the partners in our activity shared their contribution and results with the other partners in short one to one sessions. This both created a great atmosphere and awareness of each other’s role and induced innovation inside the group. Very co-operative and successful event, overall.”

Tursted Cloud Munich Acceleration Days


More information about the EIT ICT Labs Trusted Cloud High Impact Initiative (HII)

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Yrityskiihdyttämö Nestholmasta liikkeelle lähteneen Neonto Oy:n joukkorahoituskierros ylimerkittiin vikkelästi. Neonton joukkorahoituskierros on yrityskiihdyttämö Nestholman ja Invesdorin yhteistyön ensimmäisiä hedelmiä.

Mobiilisovellusten suunnittelutyökaluja tekevä Neonto Oy lähti hakemaan osakeannilla 25 000–50 000 euroa, mutta keräsikin noin kolmessa viikossa lähes 60 000 euroa. Anti jouduttiin sulkemaan etuajassa odotukset ylittäneen kysynnän vuoksi.

”Joukkorahoituskierroksella halusimme antaa tuotteen varhaisille käyttäjille mahdollisuuden tulla omistajiksi ja hyötyä tulevasta menestyksestä. Tämä onnistui nimenomaan Invesdorin osakepohjaisen rahoitusmallin ansiosta”, Neonto Oy:n toimitusjohtaja Pauli Ojala kiittelee. “Lisäksi nyt saavutettu tulos luo hyvän pohjan sille, että Neonto on haluttu sijoituskohde myös tulevissa rahoituskierroksissa. Olemme iloisesti yllättyneitä ja erittäin kiitollisia sijoittajilta saamastamme vastaanotosta.”

Yhtiön tuote, Neonto Studio, on suunnittelijoille tarkoitettu visuaalinen työkalu mobiilisovellusten luomiseen. Se mahdollistaa aidosti natiivien mobiilisovellusten luomisen ilman ohjelmointitaitoja.

Idea Neonto Oy:n joukkorahoituskierrokselle kumpusi Nestholman kiihdyttämöohjelmasta, jossa yritys on mukana. Invesdor on ohjelman virallinen joukkorahoituskumppani.

”Invesdorin palvelu rokkaa ja Nestholma tukee startupeja monipuolisesti. Tämä on kova yhdistelmä”, Nestholman perustajajäsen Antti Kosunen toteaa. ”Yhteistyö Invesdorin, Nestholman ja Neonton välillä toimi saumattomasti, mikä näkyy annin vakuuttavassa ylimerkinnässä. Nestholmalla on kykyä tarjota startupeille erinomaista tukea, ja näemme yhteistyön jatkuvan menestyksekkäänä”, Mäkelä komppaa.


Pauli Ojala
CTO Neonto Oy
[email protected]

Antti Kosunen
Nestholma Oy
Puh.+358 400 850 200
[email protected]

Lasse Mäkelä
Invesdor Oy
Puh. +358 40 753 3844
[email protected]

Nestholma lyhyesti
Nestholma on startup-kiihdyttämö, joka tarjoaa isoille yrityksille ja startupeille uudenlaisen tavan tehdä yhteistyötä. Tavoitteena on tarjota kiinnostaville startupeille mahdollisuus työskennellä, oppia ja partneroitua samalla alalla toimivan ison yrityksen kanssa. Isolle yritykselle Nestholman kolmen kuukauden kiihdyttämöohjelma tarjoaa uudenlaisen ja nopean tavan tehdä kehitys- ja innovaatiotoimintaa sekä löytää ja ohjata uusia partnereita.

Neonto lyhyesti
Neonton perustajina on joukko digitaalisten sisältöjen, mobiiliteknologian ja käyttökokemuksen suunnittelun ammattilaisia, joiden missiona on muuttaa tapaa jolla mobiilisovelluksia kehitetään. Neonton ideana on tarjota suunnittelijoille työkalu, jonka avulla he voivat itsenäisesti toteuttaa ideoitaan mobiililaitteille. Neonton tuote, Neonto Studio, julkaistaan alkuvuoden 2015 aikana.

Invesdor lyhyesti
Invesdor on Pohjois-Euroopan johtavia osakepohjaisen joukkorahoituksen palveluja. Invesdor pyrkii vauhdittamaan Suomen talouskasvua parantamalla startup- ja kasvuyritysten mahdollisuuksia saada rahoitusta. Autamme pääomaa etsiviä yrityksiä ja kasvuyrityksistä kiinnostuneita yksityisiä sijoittajia löytämään toisensa verkossa. Pääoma tulee sijoittajilta eri puolilta maailmaa. Lisää tietoa yrityksestämme ja palveluistamme osoitteessa

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Press release December 19, 2014
For immediate release

Copyright Seppo SamuliThe eight startups that participated in the media startup accelerator run by Nestholma and Yle, graduated from the program with high praise.

Startups pitched their service to potential investors in the Demo Day that was the final event in the program. Every startup has already received their first round of funding, and investors have already shown a great deal of interest to participate in the next funding rounds.

“I’m extremely proud of this batch of startups. They’ve shown excellent progress over the past months. By validating their ideas with customers, every one of them has found viable model to go forward” says Topi Järvinen, managing director of Nestholma. Järvinen adds “I’m also very happy with the cooperation with Yle and Elisa. This has been a very good example on how the cooperation between large corporations and startups is beneficial for both”.

Check out the pitch videos at


ClipMe offers new ways to create and share moments together with people you love through 15-second collaborative videos. Made with smartphones, ClipMe videos can be shared and viewed on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere on the web. Over 2500 video stories have been shared on ClipMe from 98 countries and 220 cities of the world. ClipMe is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Nau App is a location-based spontaneous meet-up platform. Stop planning and start doing it nau. Reach out to your networks close by and spontaneously meet up. Nau app adds location and time to your social networks and helps to find the right company for your activities close by. Nau app is tested with business school in the Nordics and will be launched in early 2015.

Remarket changes the way we consume fashion. It’s an online marketplace for quality second hand clothing, where users can turn items they no longer wear, into money and more space. Selection is curated, so shoppers can enjoy second hand pieces that never compromise quality or style. Remarket launches in early 2015.

SoundShade is a simple audio application that helps to focus on the task at hand. All of the natural, listen-for-hours sounds from our library can be arranged in the surround sound space as you wish. SoundShade is available for iPhone and iPad worldwide in December

Speeky is the number fun voice messaging service. We help you to send voice messages to your friends that make them smile! Speeky for iPhone will launch in January 2014.

SuprView is an innovative Startup commercializing technology of Augmented Reality (AR), we are designing an easy to use architectural visualizer that utilizes latest augmented reality and mobile technology to display realistic 3D models of buildings outdoors. Our product helps building manufacturers or architects show buildings to their customers in any location making it possible to see how they fit into the surrounding environment. We have a beta version of our application on Android.

Viima makes feedback collection social, visual and fun! By using our software, companies get an instant overview on the most important customer needs. During its first year Viima reached 20k€ in revenue while developing and validating the product with pilot customers.

Wooffer is an online dog competition service which allows users to compete against each other with dog videos and pictures. With Wooffer dog fans can also create their own competitions.

See more at

Further information

Nestholma, managing director Topi Järvinen, topi (at), +358 40 754 3131

Nestholma is a startup accelerator that helps large companies and startups to work together. The objective is to provide large companies a clear model and tools that help them to innovate and build new businesses faster together with startups. For startups Nestholma offers funding and the opportunity to work with and learn from a larger company that is a potential partner. Nestholma has received support for the project from the European Social Fund.