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Instagram, Vine, Makerbot, Google Glasses. These are some of the most interesting and talked about companies and products to appear in recent years. All these draw heavily on the new opportunities and great interest in imaging technologies and services. As most everyone has a good camera all the time in their pocket in their cell phone, taking pictures or videos has never been easier.

Since sharing and communicating with images is so fun, easy and efficient, everyone’s Facebook timeline seems to be filled with images. This was probably a big reason why Facebook acquired Instagram for approximately one billion dollars a year ago. Also, other companies are making big bets on imaging. For example, Nokia seems to have made imaging the cornerstone of their future as a company – just look at their recent Lumia 1020 launch.

Taking and sharing photos and videos is only the beginning: there are many really interesting opportunities, such as affordable 3D printing or augmented reality with wearable devices, such as Google Glasses, that are just waiting for the innovators and startups to make them valuable parts of our lives.

We at Nestholma believe that imaging is next big thing that is already here. This is why we founded an accelerator that specializes in the imaging vertical. At Nestholma we want to help aspiring entrepreneurs, startups and innovators to realize the full potential of their idea. There are many great general accelerators around the world, such as Y Combinator (for ex. Reddit, Airbnb, Dropbox), TechStars, Seedcamp, NestGSV or FounderFuel. Certainly lot of the basic things are the same for all kinds of startups. For example, every startup should, in Steve Blanks words, get out of the building and meet the customers to find out what they really need. Still, we see a clear place and need for a more specialized accelerator model that combines imaging-specific understanding and networks of companies and people into one place. We are building a network of companies, investors, educational institutions and other accelerators with whom we are helping new startups to become international success stories.

Nestholma provides a full suite of services and support for startup from concept and business development to getting funding and protecting innovations. We have a lean startup -driven model for helping startups to build customer-focused imaging innovations and businesses (see more about the way we work). Nestholma also has a strategic partnership with Eirikuva which is the most trusted consumer photo product brand in Finland. Eirikuva wants to be in the forefront of new imaging innovations by growing and partnering with a network of new companies. If a Nestholma startup wants to include physical photo products into their offering, it’s really easy to get started with Eirikuva and take advantage of their imaging business understanding, customer base, production, and logistics for new photo product innovations.

We work with startups all the time and help them to iterate and move ahead faster. However, Nestholma’s most visible initiative is the Nestholma Startup Imaging Program (NISP). It is an intensive, three month long program for selected startups.

At NISP  we help startups to find, validate and build products that customers and investors actually care about.

NISP is combination of workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions tailored to meet the startups’ needs. The startups will have access to our great lineup of mentors that will help the startups with the tens of years of experience on – well – everything a startup needs to know. We will also help the startups to find potential partners and channels for their product. The selected startups will be offered seed funding, and in the end of the program, startups will have the opportunity to pitch their validated early product to investors and media.

In the program pages you can find more about Nestholma Imaging Startup Program and what we look in the startups. If you think you have what it takes, apply today.

PS. Take a look at Dropbox’s application to Y Combinator from 2007. It gives some very interesting info on how it all began for one of the hottest growth companies today.

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