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Corporations benefit in many ways from having an accelerator. In our whitepaper, we already analyzed those benefits in depth. But one question that is sometimes tricky for people is: how much?

This is especially relevant when preparing a business case. Should you or should you not do an accelerator? What are the benefits, the costs, what do the numbers say? And sometimes you have to discuss with others in the corporation, why it’s a good idea to engage with startups. For those moments, it’s good to have some figures with you. 

That’s why we decided to build an economic model of the benefits; the Nestholma Business Case Builder. And we’re sharing with you the work in progress. For you to have something that can help you think if Nestholma accelerator could be beneficial for you. For you to convince others in your company to work with us. Or for us to discuss which parts apply to you, and which not. And as it is still a work in process, we would more than happy to hear your thoughts on it, and especially how it works for you.

Nestholma business case builder


Using the Nestholma Business Case Builder

We have modeled the benefits in the three categories presented in the whitepaper. Corporations can benefit from branding, innovation, and learning.

In the first part, you should fill in the information about your company. This will let the Business Case Builder calculate the rest. The colored cells include values that might be a bit different for your case. We have pre-filled those values with statistics. Some we have found in reports from reputed sources. Other statistics are our own, or estimates based on our previous cases. All of them have realistic values, that you can tweak to adapt to your particular case.

Of course, any such tool is meant to be played with. We’re expecting you to find out the best values for your case. To experiment. To run scenarios. So that you stretch it beyond recognition, and share the feedback with us! Let’s discuss how to renew corporations with the help of startups!


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