Visual from one of our past programs at Nestholma

The way we do transactions (of all sorts) is changing. Technologies such as blockchain and AI have affected the way we do our banking, insurance, legal work, administration, investments, etc. That's why we decided to launch a new type of accelerator tailored to those of you that are part of the change.

Continuous acceleration: a new model

The biggest value of any acceleration program (that is, any program that speeds up your development as a company) comes after the program itself. You get the most value out of the community, introductions, and business development together with a good accelerator partner and fellow startups.

That's why we've revamped our model. We will still have financial institutions as corporate partners (that's part of our secret sauce to you), but you will not be tied to a specific location.

Iterations instead of programs

The Blockchain and Fintech Accelerator is a continous program. That means that you can jump in and out whenever it suits your need best!

We have regular selection bootcamps happening all over the world, where new startups can join in. Join us in a journey through Spain, UK, Finland, Dubai, Singapore... We partner with banks in each of the locations to bring you closer to them, and for them to help us select the most relevant of you.

Day 1

Business model day. We work on understanding your collaboration and business models, and making them better. This is a crucial part of our selection process.

Mandatory for startups being selected, optional for anybody in the community

Days 2-3

Focus days. We have interactive workshops and guest speakers for the following topics on rotation: collaboration modelling, partnership negotiation, relationship building, alternative funding (preparing for STOs), effective piloting and analytics, innovation project management, etc.

Open for all Nestholma startups: those being selected and those in the community. Those in the community are expected to attend this section for 3 bootcamps in total

Day 4

Event. Networking and partnership building in an open event in which you get to engage with the rest of the ecosystem in the city where the bootcamp takes place

Open for startups in our community to attend, tickets will be openly sold to other parties

We take pride on our startups being the best at collaborating with financial institutions. When you join, we get you to that point. At the beginning you will join several of bootcamps, in which we will get you up-to-par together with our partners the financial institutions. After that, you can join as many as you want, as part of your business development process!

Update January 3rd: First bootcamp: Alicante in March

Our first bootcamp will take place in Alicante, Spain! The region is showing its leadership in supporting startups and scaleups to work with corporations, in its program Distrito Digital Comunidad Valenciana. This bootcamp will be part of those initiatives!

Come and meet Spanish banks and international startups! Find out more here.

Capital markets are changing, raise funds the smartest way

The way we do investments is changing rapidly. Only a few years ago, venture capital was the only way to fund a growth company. Nowadays we see startups look for new ways of financing their growth through crowdfunding, STOs, ICOs, etc.

We have partnered with TokenMarket, leader at managing STOs, to make sure our startups are ready for modern fundraising. When attending our bootcamps, you will prepare your company for an STO and take a fast track to liquidity for your investors. We will give you access to our network of investors, use the most modern technologies and buind in additional strategic investors to your round.

About us

Nestholma brings effective collaboration to financial institutions and startups. We make sure both sides are capable at collaborating: the financial institutions having the right processes and attitude to make sure the collaboration works, and the startups having the right skillset to make collaboration easier. We have organized 26 different collaboration programs, with partners such as Nordea, OTP Bank, TEB BNP Paribas, Nokia or Microsoft.

TokenMarket was created to provide the tools and foundation for blockchain oriented businesses to develop and grow in a thriving and emerging market. Since the company's inception, they have assisted some of the most notable blockchain companies in the world to develop into hundred-million-dollar enterprises.