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Antti Kosunen

Nestholma Mentors’ Voice, part 2: Antti Kosunen. In the coming weeks we’ll showcase mentors that will be active in the Yle Media Startup Accelerator Program. Last week we already featured Will Cardwell. Check back soon to see others.

Who are you?

Serial entrepreneur. Founded several software companies e-learning/BI/internet. Done several exits and invested tens of tech companies through Butterfly Ventures and myself. I have strong background with patents, business model development and financing, but now I am seriously interested in lean startups.

Why the Yle Media Startup Accelerator is important?

Cooperation between large organisations and startups is today’s way to learn and scale. It’s a real win-win. Nestholma’s role is to create a bridge between them. And help start ups to validate their ideas and concepts.

What is one important thing for every startup to keep in mind?

Validate. Validate. Validate. And apply to Nestholma’s accelerator programs =)


More about Antti in LinkedIn