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Some partnerships are never quite the right fit. It’s hard to actually start working together. We help collaboration happen. We help startups and financial institutions work with each other, to get them beyond hype and to real results. Innovations & learnings, together.


Strategic Corporate Venture Capital (CVC)

Scouting and integration

Investment into our portfolio startups


Startup Collaboration as a Service (SCaaS)

Collaboration bootcamps, accelerators, etc

Business case and integration support


Intrapreneurship training

Entrepreneurship training in restructuring

Corporate advisory for better collaboration

Nestholma’s programs and collaboration events give both the startups and the financial institutions a unique opportunity to learn from each other and figure out if and how the business partnership makes sense We help the startups become ready to work with financial institutions, and the financial institutions be more ready to work with startups and learn from startups.

One size doesn’t fit all; this is how we help

So far, we have done 25+ collaboration programs, tailored to our customers needs, backed up by the Nestholma Collaboration Model.

We have programs for different sized and different types of needs, from couple-day seminars for executives and startup bootcamps to 3-month accelerators, all the way up to continuous startup-innovation support.


faster deal-making


success rate



Our collaboration model complements the work you already do with startups. We work together with your startup teams and other accelerators. Or if you are just starting out, we are happy to help you figure out what your best options are.

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25+ collaboration programs organized so far.

Collaboration with Santander, OTP Bank, TEB, Nordea Bank, Nokia, Microsoft, EIT Digital, F-Secure, British Telecom, Telecom Italia, Elisa, Yle, etc.

Activities in Finland, Spain, Hungary, Turkey, India, Sweden, Norway, UK, Italy, and Germany

The Nestholma whitepaper

Nestholma whitepaper about collaborating with startups

Explore the benefits of collaborating with startups on branding, innovation and learning with the Nestholma white paper.

The free Nestholma white paper reviews alternatives and best practices on collaboration.

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For financial institutions

Beyond startup hype, get tangible results by working with startups: innovations, faster deals and organization-wide learnings.

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For startups

A fast track to working with banks & insurance companies, plus support for growing you business and becoming ready to work with big financial institutions.

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