Nestholma helps startups and large corporations to work and build businesses together

Support for close collaboration between startups and corporations

Nestholma helps large corporations and startups to work together. There are a lot of great opportunities, such as match-making events or conferences, where startups and corporations can meet and discuss. Still, it is very hard to actually start working together. It's never quite the right fit, you don't know each other, ways of working don't match etc.

Nestholma's programs and collaboration events give both the startup and the corporation a unique opportunity to learn from each other and figure out if and how the business partnership makes sense. The accelerator program is a business program that aims to find new business opportunities. It is always driven by the business leadership, but it typically involves people from all over the corporation from customer care or marketing to technology development and business management.

Both the corporation and startups get lots of benefits in from the Nestholma program

Hands-on training to develop and grow the business

Through-out the program startups get hands-on training and coaching on everything startup needs to succeed (see Way of working). Also, the employees from the corporation are invited to join the workshops, events and other sessions to learn how to take advantage startups' agile and lean ways of working. See the startup pitches at a recent Demo Day event

Nestholma and Nordea Demo Day

Nestholma has concentrated on digital industries and opportunities

The Nestholma accelerator model is suitable for all kinds of industries. So far, we've concentrated on digital industries, such as Fintech, IoT, Cloud services, Media etc. For example, our accelerator programs with Nordea Bank we have concentrated on financial technology or Fintech startups. The ideas and products ranged from blockchain technologies to providing better service to bank customers. The collaboration model has enabled both startups and Nordea to gain new insights and also pursue new business opportunities and partnerships.

Going global with the scalable Nestholma program model

Nestholma has a highly productized program and collaboration models for the startup and corporation partnerships. We arrange various types of collaboration activities around Europe and currently we are also pursuing and looking for new partnerships in other regions.


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