Nestholma helps startups and large corporations to work and build businesses together

Support for close collaboration between startups and corporations

Nestholma helps financial institutions and startups to work together. There are many opportunities where startups and corporations can mingle. Yet it's hard to actually start working together. It’s never quite the right fit, you don’t know each other, ways of working don’t match etc.

Both the corporation and startups get lots of benefits in from the Nestholma program

Nestholma’s programs and collaboration events give both the startups and the financial institutions a unique opportunity to learn from each other and figure out if and how the business partnership makes sense.

We help the startups become ready to work with financial institutions, and the financial institutions be more ready to work with startups and learn from startups.

So far, we have done 25+ collaboration programs, tailored to our customers needs, backed up by the Nestholma Collaboration Model.

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Nestholma and Nordea Demo Day