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Press release December 19, 2014
For immediate release

Copyright Seppo SamuliThe eight startups that participated in the media startup accelerator run by Nestholma and Yle, graduated from the program with high praise.

Startups pitched their service to potential investors in the Demo Day that was the final event in the program. Every startup has already received their first round of funding, and investors have already shown a great deal of interest to participate in the next funding rounds.

“I’m extremely proud of this batch of startups. They’ve shown excellent progress over the past months. By validating their ideas with customers, every one of them has found viable model to go forward” says Topi Järvinen, managing director of Nestholma. Järvinen adds “I’m also very happy with the cooperation with Yle and Elisa. This has been a very good example on how the cooperation between large corporations and startups is beneficial for both”.

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ClipMe offers new ways to create and share moments together with people you love through 15-second collaborative videos. Made with smartphones, ClipMe videos can be shared and viewed on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere on the web. Over 2500 video stories have been shared on ClipMe from 98 countries and 220 cities of the world. ClipMe is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Nau App is a location-based spontaneous meet-up platform. Stop planning and start doing it nau. Reach out to your networks close by and spontaneously meet up. Nau app adds location and time to your social networks and helps to find the right company for your activities close by. Nau app is tested with business school in the Nordics and will be launched in early 2015.

Remarket changes the way we consume fashion. It’s an online marketplace for quality second hand clothing, where users can turn items they no longer wear, into money and more space. Selection is curated, so shoppers can enjoy second hand pieces that never compromise quality or style. Remarket launches in early 2015.

SoundShade is a simple audio application that helps to focus on the task at hand. All of the natural, listen-for-hours sounds from our library can be arranged in the surround sound space as you wish. SoundShade is available for iPhone and iPad worldwide in December

Speeky is the number fun voice messaging service. We help you to send voice messages to your friends that make them smile! Speeky for iPhone will launch in January 2014.

SuprView is an innovative Startup commercializing technology of Augmented Reality (AR), we are designing an easy to use architectural visualizer that utilizes latest augmented reality and mobile technology to display realistic 3D models of buildings outdoors. Our product helps building manufacturers or architects show buildings to their customers in any location making it possible to see how they fit into the surrounding environment. We have a beta version of our application on Android.

Viima makes feedback collection social, visual and fun! By using our software, companies get an instant overview on the most important customer needs. During its first year Viima reached 20k€ in revenue while developing and validating the product with pilot customers.

Wooffer is an online dog competition service which allows users to compete against each other with dog videos and pictures. With Wooffer dog fans can also create their own competitions.

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Further information

Nestholma, managing director Topi Järvinen, topi (at), +358 40 754 3131

Nestholma is a startup accelerator that helps large companies and startups to work together. The objective is to provide large companies a clear model and tools that help them to innovate and build new businesses faster together with startups. For startups Nestholma offers funding and the opportunity to work with and learn from a larger company that is a potential partner. Nestholma has received support for the project from the European Social Fund.

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Press release December 5, 2014

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Tiedote suomeksi (In Finnish)


Jari Pasanen joins Nestholma as a partner

Jari Pasanen has been invited to join Nestholma Oy as a partner starting January 1, 2015. Nestholma is a startup accelerator that offers large companies and startups a new way to do cooperation.

Nestholma’s three month accelerator program offers established companies a clear, fast and efficient model for venture and innovation activities. The program enables them to work with startup companies and guide them towards mutually beneficial strategic goals. For startups the cooperation offers a unique opportunity to learn and partner with an established company in the same field.

Nestholma offers startups seed funding, connections to customers and investors in addition to daily support and tools for building customer-driven businesses.

“We are excited to welcome Jari Pasanen to Nestholma’s operative team, because he brings us such strong international business and technology understanding and expertise. Based on his background, Jari has also unique insights into the innovation processes within large corporations as well as the daily challenges at growth companies” says Nestholma’s managing director Topi Järvinen.

Jari Pasanen has a long and extensive experience in top level management and leadership positions at, for example, Nokia and Sitra. He has also been a board member in a number of publicly listed corporations and growth companies. Jari has served as an advisor to different kinds of companies from early stage startups to large private equity funds. Jari Pasanen is also an investor.


More information

Topi Järvinen
Managing director
Nestholma Accelerator
tel. +358 40 754 3131
topi (at)

Antti Kosunen
Nestholma Accelerator
tel. +358 400 850 200
antti (at)

Jari Pasanen
Partner, investor
tel. +35850 5500 895
jari (at)


Nestholma Oy

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Tiedote 5.12.2014

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Press release In English


Jari Pasanen partneriksi Nestholma Oy:hyn

Jari Pasanen on kutsuttu partneriksi Nestholma Oy:hyn alkaen 1.1.2015.  Nestholma on startup-kiihdyttämö, joka tarjoaa isoille yrityksille ja startupeille uudenlaisen tavan tehdä yhteistyötä.

Vakiintuneille yrityksille Nestholman kolmen kuukauden kiihdytysohjelma tarjoaa selkeän ja nopean mallin venture-tyyppiseen kehitys- ja innovaatiotoimintaan. Ohjelmassa vakiintuneet yritykset voivat löytää uusia partnereita startup-yrityksistä, joita ne pääsevät neuvomaan oman liiketoimintansa kannalta olennaisissa kysymyksissä.

Alkuvaiheen yrityksille ohjelma puolestaan tarjoaa mahdollisuuden työskennellä, oppia ja partneroitua samalla alalla toimivan ison yrityksen kanssa.

Nestholma järjestää vuosittain 2–3 kiihdytysohjelmaa ja jokainen kiihdytysohjelma rakennetaan vastaamaan kumppaniyrityksen tarpeita. Tällä hetkellä Nestholmalla on käynnissä kiihdytysohjelma Ylen ja Elisan kanssa. Sijoittajille ja medialle suunnattu Demo Day -tapahtuma järjestetään Helsingissä torstaina 11.12.

Nestholma tarjoaa startupeille siemenvaiheen rahoitusta, asiakas- ja sijoittajakontakteja sekä ennen kaikkea apua ja tarvittavat työkalut asiakaslähtöisen liiketoiminnan rakentamiseksi.

“Olemme erittäin tyytyväisiä, että Jari Pasanen liittyi operatiiviseen tiimiin, koska hän tuo vahvan kansainvälisen liiketoiminnan osaamisen ja teknologian ymmärryksen. Taustansa vuoksi Jarilla on erittäin vahva näkemys suurten yritysten innovaatioprosesseista ja kasvuyritysten arkipäivän haasteista”, sanoo Nesthoman toimitusjohtaja Topi Järvinen.

Jari Pasasella on pitkä ja laaja kokemus korkean tason johtotehtävistä mm. Nokiassa ja Sitrassa sekä hallitusrooleissa pörssiyrityksissä ja kasvuyrityksissä. Hän on toiminut myös neuvonantajana aivan alkuvaiheen startupeista suuriin pääomarahastoihin. Jari Pasanen on myös sijoittaja.



Topi Järvinen
Nestholma Accelerator
puh. 040 754 3131
topi (at)

Antti Kosunen
Nestholma Accelerator
puh. 0400 850 200
antti (at)

Jari Pasanen
Partneri, sijoittaja
puh. 050 5500 895
jari (at)


Nestholma Oy