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Finding the best innovations 

Through our high quality startup scouting and assessment process we quarantee a continuous deal flow of top innovations. We also boost green innovations by powering Fairforce's Environmental Data Accelerator!  

Boosting startup collaboration

By creating an effective and practical collaboration model you can tackle the most common problems in startup & corporation cooperation and ensure great results faster!

Bringing the entrepreneurial drive into your organization

We bring the best practices from startups as part of daily work and grow change champions that boost the cultural transformation!

Accelerating entrepreneurship

Through our entrepreneurship accelerator program we turn challenging layoff situations into new business opportunities and support new entrepreneurs to lift their ideas off the ground!

What we do


...find new innovations!

For those who are looking for top startups worldwide and want to build a continuous innovation dealflow.


ENVIRONMENTAL DATA ACCELERATOR - Powered by Nestholma, managed by Fairforce


...boost our organization renewal!

For those who want to get an entrepreneurial boost into their organization by working with - and like startups. 


INTRAPRENEURSHIP AS A WAY TO INNOVATE - workshops and learning program people to become entrepreneurs!

Are you looking for new ways to support people through layoffs or offer an entrepreneurship accelerator to create new business? 

JOURNEY TO ENTREPRENEURSHIP - 7-Week's accelerator program

The Feature Highlights

What if you could turn restructuring into new business opportunities

Millions of people are losing their jobs as a consequence of Covid 19.

But crisis can also be a new opportunity for those who know how to approach it.

"We at Nestholma want to challenge the leaders of HR departments, governments, outplacement companies and any other organizations that want to contribute into social responsibility to rethink the support that we can provide for the massive talent pool of unemployed people. 
Let's support people towards new beginnings as entrepreneurs and build the future innovations together." 
Virpi Jalonen, CEO of Nestholma

We bring our expertise from 29 startup accelerators combined with ecosystem, partnerships and career coaching - what will you bring?

What our clients and participants say

CJ Green, Smartcom - Participant of  Nestholma Startup Accelerator program

"Absolutely stimulating. Totally engaging!"

Participant of Microsoft's Journey to Entrepreneurship - program

"This course have been biggest influencer for me ever. Thank you Nesholma for very big influence correct mindset and working methods samples.”

Melinda Havas - FFNEXT, Participant of Distrito Digital Virtual Bootcamp

"Great organisation, exciting and useful event, pioneer amongst digital bootcamps and other digital startup events."

Participant of  Nokia's Journey to entrepreneurship - program

“Straightforward, no-bulls**t attitude, leaving the decision to us but giving us the necessary tools and advice.”

Participant of Distrito Digital Virtual Bootcamp

"Great organisation, exciting and useful event, pioneer amongst digital bootcamps and other digital startup events."

Participant of Microsoft's Journey to Entrepreneurship - program

“Inspiring and insightful event into the fintech world with many opportunities to network and learn something new as well as gaining valuable contacts.”

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A perspective for younger people to break the chains of Covid-19 Slowly we are getting out of the


Full speed ahead with new people!

Our team is getting some more brilliant people along! We are excited to welcome Nick, Rudi and Raghu


Nestholma takes a new HR direction and nominates Virpi Jalonen as CEO

We at Nestholma have always valued changes and for that exact reason, we are happy to announce our



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