Nestholma startup accelerator speeds up startup and corporate collaboration

Hands-on approach to making startups and corporations succeed

We have a very practical approach to helping startups to succeed. We have developed a whole series of interlinked workshops and other sessions where you will learn and get lots of practical coaching on, for example, sales, marketing, how to talk with customers and build products together with them or how to collaborate with with investors.

Nestholma engages corporations and startups to collaborate. We run on-site accelerators for new products and learning.Tweet this

We concentrate a lot on making sure that you are solving a real problem and that customers are willing to pay for your solution - or the value you provide to them. When you understand this, you can do great marketing, sales and pitch to investors. We always say that we are not a pitching school: we believe that you can do a great pitch if you have a great product that you've validated with your real customers. So far, our startups have done well with this approach - just check out some examples from our Demo Day with Nordea.

In our coaching we help you to connect the dots between the different areas important for startups, and how you can, for example, use the better customer understanding and need validation to make better marketing.

Nordea mentors meeting startups at Nestholma Startup Accelerator Program

Naturally, we always customize our approach to fit the needs of the startup. We're not into molding startups into one shape. In the end, you as the entrepreneurs make the decisions. We want to give you the tools, support and connections that enable you to move faster and keep the customer always in mind.

Nestholma funding for the accelerator startups

Nestholma invests 10.000€ to 150.000€ into the startups that are selected into the accelerator programs. Typically the investments are done in two or three stages based on agreed milestones. Nestholma also invites other investors (angels or VC's) to invest or co-invest into the startups. Investors are invited to visit and meet the startups through-out the program (for ex. investor panels and the Demo Day pitches). Nestholma also works closely with public funding providers (for ex. Tekes).

Nestholma Venture Accelerator Program for the startups

Arranged together with a corporation that wants to work and partner with startups
Three month intensive Nestholma Startup Program
Opportunity to work and learn with the corporate partner in weekly mentoring and collaboration sessions
Seed funding up to 150.000€ during and after the program
Great mentors from Nestholma with lots of experience on building new businesses
Daily support and help during the program from Nestholma's staff
Tens of events and workshops on important topics, such as marketing, sales, funding, building the team etc.